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• Parental abductions occur most frequently as relationships end and custody becomes an issue. 
• The most prevalent quality in families that experience abduction is domestic violence. 
• The motivating factor of the parental abductor is revenge and rarely involves the consideration and welfare of the victim child. 
• Remember when investigating a parental abduction case that a child may be a great risk with their own parent.

Call Find the Children for help and resources:  888-477-6721

First Responding Officer
Checklist On Scene: 
Broadcast a BOL bulletin without delay to all police communications channels/other patrol officers/law enforcement agencies. 

Interview reporting party to verify the child is missing.(NOTE: a child abducted by a parent is still a missing child).

Verify child’s custody status.

Identify circumstance of disappearance and do a risk assessment. 

Determine WHEN, WHERE, & BY WHOM the child was last seen Identify the child victim’s “comfort zone” (in terms of how far from home and where the child is used to going on his/her own)

Based on available information make an initial determination of the type of abduction (Family, Non-Family or Other).

Obtain detailed descriptions of the victim, abductor,   family history, vehicles, etc.

Broadcast updated information. 

Treat any disappearance as an abduction case until  further information is developed.

Make Notifications: 
Additional personnel &  supervision; if necessary.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
(local office)

Department of Justice
Missing & Unidentified Persons Unit Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS), Missing & Unidentified Persons System (MUPS) - computer entries will automatically generate National Crime Information Center (NCIC) & California Law Enforcement Teletype System (CLETS) entries.

District Attorney’s Child Abduction Unit (family abduction cases) 

Missing children’s non-profit organizations.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Reference Numbers:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
(Regional Offices)
San Francisco: (415) 553-2000
Los Angeles: (310) 477-6565
San Diego: (619) 514-5500
Sacramento: (916) 481-9110 

Department of Justice Missing & Unidentified Persons Unit
(916) 227-3290 

Local District Attorney
Child Abduction Unit
(213) 974-7425
California Highway Patrol:
Northern Division: (530) 225-2715
Central Division: (209) 488-4329
Southern Division: (818) 240-8200 

Find The Children
(888) 477-6721

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:
(800) 843-5678

Sponsored by the:
California Child Abduction Task Force

The Office of Criminal Justice Planning (Children’s Branch)
1130 K Street, LL60, Sacramento, CA 95814