Schools that schedule our “Kid Intuition” program may also schedule a parent presentation; parents learn how to: Avoid child abduction by strangers and family members, what to do if your child is abducted or missing, and the importance of maintaining current photos and documents of your children.


Teach your child the facts of abduction early; talk to them once a month about safety rules and be sure to speak calmly so that they are not frightened.

FINGERPRINT your child, maintain current dental records and photos. Children under 7 years old should be photographed twice a year; and once a year for children over 7 years old.

PASSPORTS and birth certificates should be in the possession of the custodial parent only.

TEACH your child their full name, address, and phone numbers (include area codes and long distance dialing information). Post emergency numbers near the phone, show your child how to dial 911 and what to say if they are lost or have an emergency.

NO NAMES on your children’s clothing, lunchbox, backpack, etc. Strangers should never be able to call your child by name.

CHECK references of daycare facilities, preschools or babysitters. Make sure they will not release your child to anyone without your permission. If you have a custody order or a restraining order, give a copy to your child’s school or child care provider along with a photo of any person (s) who are not allowed to pick up your child.

INSTRUCT babysitters and children not to open the door for strangers or give any information over the phone. Tell them to always say you are home, but are unable to come to the phone.

TELL your child what to do if they are threatened by a stranger and to report any suspicious incidents to you. Remind them to never get near a car of a stranger asking for directions or help them look for a lost pet.

NEVER leave children unattended in a car, not even for a minute. Be careful not to expose your children to co-workers, a relative’s friend, or a neighbor; these people are strangers and should never be left alone with your child—they could have a history of hurting children.THE

BUDDY SYSTEM should be encouraged if your child is old enough to be out on his/her own, tell them to avoid empty lots, alleys, and parks. Parents should know their child’s route to and from school and have him/her check in with you at a specified time if you will not be home after school.

IF YOUR CHILD IS TAKEN, go to your local police station, nearest your home, and file a police report, immediately! Ask that all of your child’s and abductor’s information be entered into the National Crime Information Computer System; a parentally abducted child is considered a missing child!
Additional information about our parent program, please contact our Community Outreach Department: (888) 477-6721